I will Create A Realistic Book And Magazine Video Promo for £20

  • Create A Realistic Book And Magazine Video Promo
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Hi  i will  create  magazine book promo video.

  • Hey, my name is Moktadir, I will create an HD quality realistic book and magazine video  promo for your products and E-books, with a realistic 3D Fliping book motion, giving a beautiful and modern professional look to your book covers, and value to your products is what I’m looking for, showcasing your ideas in the best realistic 3D promotional video ever to give a realistic approach to your creation, 





  • HD JPEG or PDF Images of the pages you want me to include

  • For any inquiries Please feel free to contact me, I am available to give your ideas more life, design and develop your book and e-book into a Beautiful reality so that your book will turn readers into customers,
    Best Regards.



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