I will give you 50 computer-generated realistic human faces for £5

  • give you 50 computer-generated realistic human faces
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Computer generated faces that look very realistic. Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) are a relatively new concept in Machine Learning, introduced for the first time in 2014. Their goal is to synthesize artificial samples, such as images, that are indistinguishable from authentic images. A common example of a GAN application is to generate artificial face images by learning from a dataset of celebrity faces. 

You can use it on your website or for marketing purposes.  (To write testimonials or reviews, for example.) 

All the faces are unique and never repeated. 100% safe to use as the persons do not really exist. 

I have no control over what kind of ethnicity the faces will have but can give you a good mix.

You will get 50 randomly generated faces.   

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