I will write perfect product descriptions for your etsy shop for £15

  • write perfect product descriptions for your etsy shop
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There is no denying that Etsy titles and tags are important for Etsy SEO along with the description as it helps turn visitors into buyers. Understand that optimizing for SEO is just one part of it. You want to grab the potential customer quickly by showcasing the key features and benefits of your products and create a real desire in your customers to buy your products. You have to make sure the customer understands what it is they are buying as it helps in converting more views into sales.

Once you send me your weakest performing listing or the brand new one, I will rewrite the title, description along with 13 tags that will:

  • Be optimized for Etsy SEO to increase your chances of ranking higher in search results
  • Explain the unique benefits of your products (or services)
  • Create a need and excitement for your products
  • Include a call to action
  • Make your shop look professional
  • Avoid duplicate or spam content so you are not penalized by Google
  • Convert more views into sales

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