I will back your kickstarter ,Gofundme Or Any Crowdfunding campaigns for £10

  • back your kickstarter ,Gofundme Or Any Crowdfunding campaigns
  • back your kickstarter ,Gofundme Or Any Crowdfunding campaigns
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I will Back/Donate $5 to your crowdfunding campaign.


A vast majority of Gofundme and Kickstarter campaigns fail for 1 simple reason.
(No one ever sees them!)
Your campaign will be basically invisible until you get some donations and comments to move your campaign up in the algorithm ratings.
 The more comments and donations you get the faster and more often your campaign will be seen by other people ready willing and able to donate to your campaign. If you do these actions on your own campaign it will be removed from the sites. Trust me, I learned this the hard way! It was a very expensive and frustrating mistake.

 Let me help you benefit from my mistake. Let me, an outsider, donate to your campaign and leave an awesome comment. It works! Although there is no way we can guarantee others will donate. But if your campaign is invisible you can bet that you will never get much attention to your campaign. So get this gig, get it quick and get your campaign where others can see it and consider it as an option!






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