I will Provide you a Ridesharing Mobile APP for £50

  • Provide you a Ridesharing Mobile APP
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  • 1Social media Sign up

    Login & Register Via Facebook, Twitter, Google Social Plugins.

  • 2Unique Sign up by Phone

    Login and register via Phone number.

  • 3Unique Sign up by Email

    Login and register via Email id.

  • 4Verification Part 1 by email

    Email Authentication and Verification.

  • 5Verification Part 2 by phone

    Phone Verification - OTP.

  • 6Adding your preferred Splash Screen

    You have the freedom to provide us with your preferred splash screen.

  • 7Whitelabelled with your Logo

    The app bears your logo and company name everywhere and is launched under your brand name.

  • 8Set Pickup location

    By entering pickup location text, putting pin on map or selecting from your work or home pre-saved location.

  • 9View available Vehicles Types with their rates

    When booking a ride, the rider gets a choice of booking the type of car like hatchback, sedan or SUV along with their rates.

  • 10Estimated Fare Calculation

    The Rider is shown an estimated fare of the trip based on the pickup and drop off

    Youll be able to do all of the following with our source code

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