I will Record up to a page and a half of Voice Over work for you for £20

  • Record up to a page and a half of Voice Over work for you
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Much the same as my £5 service, I will provide a professional piece of Voicework for YOU, be it for a restaurant, an art instillation, a pod cast or an advert. You name it and I will do my absolute best to provide you quality work.


For just £20, I will happily complete up to a page and a half worth of Dialogue (or 850 words to be precise) and have it to you within 3 days. The file will be sent to you once an order has been placed and will have the following edits applied:

- Compression for enhancement

- Noise reduction/ absolute Zero between speech

- Amplifier will be applied (Only if Needed) 


Not only this but with each order comes One Free Re Record if you are not happy with the first version(s) that you receive! 


Directon and a brief description of what/who the Voice Over is for would be appreciated, to help me get a better understanding of how you want it recorded, so I can mail it for you first time around. (Examples of work are also welcome) 


So please get in touch. If your not convinced I'm right of the job, take a look at my example video and have a look at some previous customers review's!


Best wishes


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