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I currently work as a full-time editor from a UK based production company, producing professional corporate and commercial projects.

I regularly provide professional voice over and narration work for a variety of projects ranging from commercial ads to business updates and training videos. 
All of my audio is recorded in a specialist studio environment to ensure the highest quality with no interruption.

I offer:

  • Up to 1 minute of audio (included in base price)

  • A choice of .WAV or .MP3 file formats

  • A script proofreading / editing service

  • Option to record the voice over directly onto your video project

Please note that the first minute of audio (usually around 200 words) is included in the base price, however additional time can be purchased under 'extras'.

All final projects will be rendered into the highest quality possible, including 4K video if requested.
I make use of the complete Adobe Suite including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Photoshop so there's a tool for every job you may require.

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Up to 3 minutes of audio
No extra time required
Script Proofread / Script editing
No extra time required
Split audio track into separate files (Please specify)
No extra time required
Record voice over directly on video project
No extra time required
I will deliver this order in 1 day
Includes Extras
*includes the price of the gig