I will drive ORGANIC Visitors to your Link web shop product for £5

  • drive ORGANIC  Visitors  to your Link  web  shop product
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Expected delivery 8 days

i will drive   ORGANIC TRAFFIC with Social Media Referral  with EXTRAS  - to your Link  web  shop product for 5 days  from direct/social websites  .(min.5000 vists)

* worldwide visitors , most comming from US and EU;we avoided Asia (China, India, etc) as much as possible

*targeted GEO traffic you can choose it from the extras !!!

* live tracking counter from Bitly or is,dg provided to you to show what we deliver

* please visit my extras to see different wishes .otherweise contact me ,we will do our besten to make you happy !

offer signups,.likes,klicks,hits, subscriptions, sales, votes, etc. can’t be guaranteed

youtube is not allowed


Service is available as a weekly subscription; optional at checkout.

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do Additional HQ 1000 Do Follow Backlinks
plus 8 days
do Additional HQ 200 Wiki Backlinks
plus 4 days
post your link to 1,000,000 socialmedia-groups-followers
plus 8 days
add extra 30,000 worldwide visits
plus 30 days
*includes the price of the gig