I will provide a full SEO and Security Solution for your Website for £45

  • provide a full SEO and Security Solution for your Website
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Our service provides everything you need to maintain your website whilst maintaining SEO best practices, keeping your content up to date and letting you know where you rank against your competition. 


What is included:


  • We will write either new content, a location page or an article/blog based on your keywords to strengthen your current SEO
  • We will provide you with monthly reporting and analytics on your keywords, telling you exactly where you rank against your competition
  • We will provide up to two edits per month to your website, whether you want a photo changing, new text adding or altering, this will ensure your site is kept up to date.
  • Additional reports on how to improve rankings.
  • We will update your plugins and security setting to keep you up to date.

All of this will ensure your site is up to date with fresh content and all with clear visibility of how you rank. Why pay for expensive SEO services, Content Writers AND Web Developers where you can get it all in ONE PACKAGE!


We have vastly reduced the cost of this service as a FIVESQUID EXCLUSIVE, separately you would be expected to pay double for this direct.


Still unsure? Read our overall feedback here on Fivesquid.


Service is available as a monthly subscription; optional at checkout.

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