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I will add 5 Min of Visual Subtitles to your video in this package.24 Hour Delivery available !

All languages are accepted!

Visual subtitle are embedded in your video. So your audience can watch video and read speech simultaneously. Unlike captions(CC), Subtitles will improve your visual experience. You can add different color, font type, spacing and various effects. Overall, it is a creative way to inspire your audience!

How videos are Processed?
I will use professional editing software to hard-code(burn-in) subtitles into each video frame.

How to send me the videos?  
Simply forward the video to be encoded via inbox or derpbox.
Do you need a script made?I will add time-stamps to your text.I will convert your text into a standard subtitle format.
How will it appear?
The Default: Ariel, white, 12pt, captions.
Up to 3 Font Effects per gig.

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