I will do proofreading and editing of 1000 words for you for £5

  • do proofreading and editing of 1000 words for you
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 My current work within digital marketing also involves a large amount of editing and proofreading both my own content and that of others to ensure that every word meets the highest standards. I believe that my 5 years of experience in these different areas has equipped me to provide first-class proofreading and editing.


I will proofread any document of up to 2000 words in length to suit your exact needs. This can be website content, blog posts, articles, undergraduate essays or even your dissertation. When applicable, I will provide suggestions on how to improve your work and enhance it even further. 



I have copious experience of meticulously editing work, both academic and industry-based - let me use my well-honed skills to make your content the best it can be!

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