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You are at the right place for the website you have been looking for!

I will create a WordPress website that fits your instructions exactly. I use HTML5 and CSS3 to get you the looks that you desire, and use PHP7 and MySQL to create the functions and databases that make your website run according to your dreams.


After that, I get you very powerful tools listed below. They enhance your content marketing, promote your blogs, pull traffic and boost conversion like never thought of. Here they are:

1.       Image optimization – Smushing all the images to make them lighter and load faster

2.       SEO – Yoast Search Engine Optimization – making Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines like the website and rank it higher

3.       Related Posts - Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – automatically adding a list of related post at the bottom of the one a reader is reading

4.       Subscription – letting readers subscribe to a newsletter or push notifications on new news posts

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