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  • Record a Greek Deep Male Voiceover For You
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I am working as a Voiceover Actor - Talent - Artist for over 20 years.

I am a professional Actor since 1999 !!!


I can record and deliver, master and audio process, with Greek ‘’Deep’’ male

 Voice Over within a top quality level!


Professional Voice Actor, Entrepreneur, Proud Dad


Please be aware that I live and work in Greece which is:

10 hours ahead of Los Angeles, CA, USA

7 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA

2 hours ahead of the United Kingdom
9 hours behind Sydney, Australia
3 hours and 30 minutes behind of India
Please Note: Commercial Use must be included with any order that promotes a product, service or business, regardless of media, except non-profits.  Broadcast Use must be included with ANY order used on YouTube, Radio, or TV. 

Explainer videos
IVR/phone system
Podcast Intros
TV & Radio
Political Ads
For Video
YouTube Video 
Match audio to video
Online projects
Phone greetings
On hold Message
Radio Commercial

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